Baptism: Alive in Christ


Baptism is not just an event that happened in the past, but is the identity we are immersed in as followers of Jesus. This volume helps disciples reflect on this identity in ways that take seriously some of the central questions of contemporary life, as well as themes from our spiritual traditions. Explore three New Testament passages to contemplate what it means to be alive in God’s love, alive in Christian community, and alive in Christ’s death and resurrection.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to write this volume, which I hope will be a useful resource for gatherings like parent baptismal preparation, mystagogy with those adults who have recently been baptized, and a way to deepen all Christians in their baptismal identity.

Like other Alive in the Word resources, it can be used in as little as three sessions, as a retreat, or for personal reading and reflection.

The book can be ordered through The Liturgical Press, with discounts for bulk orders. Additionally, I recommend checking out the many other resources available in this series.

I would also welcome invitations to lead retreats and presentations on this topic, or other topics. Please contact me.

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