From Home to Home: Finding Meaning in Mobility

FromHometoHomeMy first publication, From Home to Home: Finding Meaning in Mobility, was born out of my own experiences of mobility. As a ministry leader, I continue to be aware of many others who are “on the move” for various reasons – which can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

This volume, from Little Rock Scripture Study’s Alive in the Word series, offers a way for those living mobility to reflect on their stories of vocation, family, and relationships – three topics that can feel stretched by the experience of mobility. Stories from the Old and New Testaments provide a way to connect the stories of our faith with the stories of our lives.

Parishes, campus ministries, and other communities will find From Home to Home a useful way to accompany those who seek to find meaning in mobility. Like other Alive in the Word resources, it can be used in as little as three sessions, as a retreat, or through personal reading and reflection.

The book can be ordered at with discounts for bulk orders. Additionally, I recommend checking out the many other resources available in this series.

I would also welcome invitations to lead retreats and presentations on this topic, or other topics. Please contact me.

This reflection on “mobility” addresses an experience many people face, including those just beginning their careers. Justin Huyck draws on his own experience and theological insight to reflect on a series of apt biblical passages from the journey of Abraham in Genesis 11 to the refugee experience of the Holy Family in Matthew’s gospel. It is well written, beautifully illustrated, and perfectly geared for individual or group reflection.
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  1. This is such a welcome addition to the series. I loved working my way through it and reflecting not only on my experiences of transition and mobility but recognizing some common dynamics in the lives of others, and some wonderful touch points with the experiences of God’s people through generations.

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