Catholic Belief and Tradition (Diocese of Youngstown, OH Catechist Formation) Summer 2019

A Diocese of Youngstown Core Course (Office of Religious Education)

Summer 2019 Summer Intensive (St. Michael the Archangel, Canton)

More information for Diocese of Youngstown’s Core and  General Courses for catechists, teachers in Catholics Schools, and more at Catechist Cafe.

Primary Book: Believing in Jesus: A Popular Overview of the Catholic Faith, Sixth Revised ed.

Syllabus/Expectations: Click here

See also beginning of Prezi Presentation for Sowing God’s Word (additional core course) on this course and others offered by diocese that touch on three dimensions catechesis: knowing, being, and savoir-faire (GDC 238)

Session 1 (June 17): Getting to Know the Bible

Session 2 (June 19): Jesus’ Journey to Death and Life

Session 3 (June 24): The World Starts Over

Session 4  (June 26): The Saving Work of Jesus in the World Today

Session 5 (June 28): Our Grace-Filled Responses… and Visions of Our Future

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