From Dirt and Water

Formed and shaped from dirt and water,
Forged in love from earth’s debris.
God’s own life now flowing through us,
God’s own breath our energy.
Life and death can never stain us,
Through the ash, God’s love we see.

Formed and fashioned as God’s people,
Saved through waters wide and strong.
Strong enough to end our bondage,
Wide enough for our shared song.
Psalms of triumph, hymns of service,
Voices raised, our life now one.

Formed and fed by bread from heaven,
Fed, sustained by hearty Word.
Ever-present in our wanderings,
God now tasted, seen, and heard.
Life renewed, transformed, transfigured,
Mission’s hope, a world restored.

Justin Huyck
Ash Wednesday


Text: Copyright © 2012, 2015 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

PhotoCreativeCommonskelsey_lovefusionphoto (flickr). Some rights reserved.

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