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Advent breaks in

Advent breaks into our world again.
In the midst of crisis and conflict, hunger and disease,
In the midst of our own worry and anxiety, domestic fatigue and fiscal peril,
In the midst of darkness, and the onset of winter’s chill,
Advent breaks in.

Advent breaks in, because Jesus Christ breaks in,
Surprising embodiment of our dream that God would
tear open the heavens and come down,
shake the mountains of our groaning,
but only by turning our hearts toward a new, unexpected Way:

A transformed vision where beauty is in brokenness,
hope in encountering despair,
And the light of life pierces through any shadow of narrow self-interest,
revealing instead the broken beauty of all who are God’s works of art.

And then we realize that we are called to step into this light,
whether gingerly or boldly,
That we might see as a people who ultimately hope,
not in our own security or contentment,
but in Christ, the Light of the World.

We are church, a people who received Christ’s light in baptism,
A people who walk by this light along the Way of Jesus,
A people whose eyes and hearts, though wearied, are wide open to our co-pilgrims,
whether we find ourselves together within churchy walls,
Or encounter our fellow travelers through churchy doors.

We are a people who, in walking this journey of mutual compassion,
dare to be so illuminated by Christ who guides our Way,
that we might reflect this light and be a sign of hope for the world.

In Advent, we dare to hope again:
This confident hope, born of God’s gift in Jesus,
This confident hope, born of our faith that Christ will come again,
This confident hope, that even today we see glimpses of Christ’s light,
Christ’s heaven-rending, mountain-shaking presence,
breaking tenderly into the world’s darkness,
illuminating the journey of our pilgrim church.

Justin Huyck
First Sunday of Advent
(See Isaiah 64)


Text: Copyright © 2011, 2020 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

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