Missionary Discipleship and the Family (DOY Men’s Fellowship – St. Michael’s Canton, OH) October 20, 2017

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October 20, 2017

Diocese of Youngstown Men’s Fellowship
Hosted by St. Michael’s Men’s Fellowship (Canton, OH)

Evening Gathering hosted by St. Michael’s Men’s Fellowship, in collaboration with Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Men’s Fellowship, for men of parish and throughout diocese.

Click here for Prezi Presentation (See tips for viewing Prezi below)

Video: Missionary Discipleship: A Discipleship that Reaches Out

Additional Recommended Video: Roger Schroeder on God’s Mission and Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel

Prayer of First Principle and Foundation (inspired by St. Ignatius Loyola)

Prayer can be found in book: Love: A Guide for Prayer by Bergan and Swan


Recommended Reading: 

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

Living as Missionary Disciples (from USCCB) (read online or order)

A guide to living Pope Francis’ call to missionary discipleship through the dynamics of encounter, accompaniment, community, and sending

Anthony Gittins, CSSp, The Way of Discipleship

Reflections on Mission, Evangelization, and Discipleship. He discusses mission, including the analogy of breathing, in chapter 1.

Tips for Viewing Prezi:

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For last Screen: you can zoom in on images and click links. After clicking on links, return to full screen by again hovering over lower right-hand corner and clicking on the full screen button. You can then zoom out and around the canvas.

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