Evangelization 101 Retreat (Diocese of Youngstown, OH) – October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017DOY

Diocese of Youngstown – Lay Ministry Formation
Hosted at St. Anthony/All Saints (Canton, OH)

One portion of a retreat for evangelization teams, parish council members, and other parishioner leaders in the Diocese of Youngstown. Retreat team included diocesan parish ministers and the Diocese of Youngstown’s Office of Lay Ministry Formation.

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Select Recommended Videos and Reading

Video: Missionary Discipleship: A Discipleship that Reaches Out

Additional Recommended Video: Roger Schroeder on God’s Mission and Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

Living as Missionary Disciples (from USCCB) (read online or order)

A guide to living Pope Francis’ call to missionary discipleship through the dynamics of encounter, accompaniment, community, and sending

Anthony Gittins, CSSp, The Way of Discipleship



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