A Journey Invites

A journey invites, born of water and wilderness,
Dripping with freedom, and struggle, and prayer.
Our hearts long to follow, God’s reign in our midst!
Called to the journey of Christ!

A soul-healing touch, for the scarred and the sorrowing,
Caressing with presence, making holy our pain.
Our suffering transformed as discipleship’s dignity,
Renewed on the journey of Christ!

A vision that shatters all borders and boundaries,
Enlightening our eyes to lives torn by fear.
We hunger together, sharing death and new life,
Embracing the journey of Christ!

Justin Huyck
Between Christmas/Epiphany and Lent
(See Mark 1)


Text: Copyright © 2012 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

Photo: CreativeCommonstheleticiabertin (flickr). Some rights reserved.

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