God Abiding

Half-Moon and Sunset (from ms4jah on flickr)

God Abiding, world-igniting,
God of sun and moon and earth,
All our living, moving, being
Rests in you and finds it worth.

Though the storms of life may shake us,
And our hearts be filled with fear,
Still your peace lives deep within us,
And your promise always near.

God Abiding, hope surprising,
God of strength and tender might,
From the waters you have claimed us,
You have robed us with your light.

When we step into the darkness,
Ever faithful you remain.
You prepare a road of glory
Through despair and loss and pain.

God Abiding, God arriving,
Let us run to meet your Christ.
And may we who breathe his Spirit,
Share his mission, live his life.

May we grow in love and wisdom,
And be faithful to our call:
Seeking freedom for the burdened,
Seeking joy and peace for all.

Justin Huyck
Early Advent

(See readings and collect prayers for first and second Sundays of Advent, Year C. Collects, with reflections, can be found at the FDLC website: Advent 1 PDF  and Advent 2 PDF.)


Text: Copyright © 2012 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

Photo: CreativeCommonsms4jah (flickr). Some rights reserved.

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