God’s Breath Sweeping Over Water and Earth

God of Glory,
All of creation shines with your presence and dazzling love.

We praise you for your loving energy,
a holy breath sweeping over water and earth,
Forming and renewing mountains, glaciers, and seas.

In your wisdom, you breathe this same powerful breath into all your children,
woman and man.

You are source of glory in our humanity and holiness in our brokenness.

We give thanks to you for the mountain-top experiences of our lives,
Life-changing experiences when we could not help but feel, see, and rejoice in your presence.

We give thanks for your loving care in those times when we have lived in life’s valleys,
for those who have cared for us during times of grief,
for moments of hope and endurance during times of despair.

And in the mundane grind of our daily lives, we give thanks for your quiet presence,
for we know that your breath is always flowing through us,
A source of peace when we are anxious,
a source of holy dignity for our ordinary days,
a source of guidance along life’s path.

Transforming God,
By the power of your Spirit, your holy breath,
Enflame our hearts with love for all your people.

Lead us down the mountains of our own lives into the valleys of our world,
that our journeys might give life to the journeys of others,
that our concern might be transformed into justice for those who are oppressed,
that your Spirit might renew the face of the earth.

Justin Huyck
Second Sunday of Lent

Readings: Roman Catholic (USCCB)

On the second Sunday of Lent, the Roman Catholic lectionary features the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain. For those churches that used the Revised Common Lectionary, “Transfiguration Sunday” is typically celebrated the last Sunday before Lent. Also, the Feast of Transfiguration is on the Roman Catholic calendar on August 6th.


Text: Copyright © 2013 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

Photo: CreativeCommons8#X (flickr)

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