Prayer for Light in All Seasons

God of all time,
In your great love, you have created all things,
And in all seasons your works praise you:

Flowing water and rushing wind find joy in your strength.
The sun’s warmth sings of the kindness of your love.
In the harvest time, all of creation is gathered into your care.
And in winter’s chill, the world waits in silence for your new life.

Your people join creation in praising you, O God.
We praise you for your light which shines in every one of us,
In every season of our lives.

God of our time,
Sometimes the winds and rains signal destruction, not refreshment.
Sometimes the sun’s heat leaves us with fire and drought.
Too often, harvest abundance gives way to careless consumption,
And in our winter waiting, we dwell, in peril, alone.

God of light,
In seasons of joy, and seasons of fear,
Awaken our eyes and hearts,
That we might see your reflection imprinted on each one of us,
That we might see strangers as sisters and brothers,
That we might be light for one another.

May your light, O God, shine through all our days,
Breaking through every shadow.

May its radiance be our hope,
Until at last we come to that final season of your glory,
When you will scatter all darkness.

Justin Huyck

An earlier version of this prayer was originally written for the youth Kairos community of St. Norbert and Our Lady of the Brook (Northbrook, Illinois).


Text: Copyright © 2013 Justin Huyck. All rights reserved.

Photo: CreativeCommonsRandy Son of Robert (flickr). Some rights reserved.

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